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Jamie is a dedicated, passionate and experienced personal trainer with a passion for women's health. With six years of industry expertise, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a personalised approach to fitness.


Her commitment extends beyond workouts, focusing on empowering women to achieve their wellness goals. Whether it's prenatal fitness, postpartum recovery, or overall well-being, Jamie is here to guide, support, and celebrate your journey to a healthier and stronger you


Coach Jamie,

  • Fortnightly Check-Ins 

  • Tailored calories/macros to meet your goals 

  • Meal Plan Template Included

  • Flexible Dieting Guide 

  • Train Like Me Programs 

  • Full App Access

  • Ongoing Support & Accountability 

  • Step Guidelines


£23 / week

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Tailored calories/macros to meet your goals or custom meal plan

  • Flexible Dieting Guide

  • Personalised Training Programs

  • Full App Access

  • Ongoing Support & Accountability

  • Form video review

  • Step Guidelines


£35 / week

Coaching Packages

12 Week Minimum, 14 days notice to cancel 

Not sure what you need?

Please submit the below client application and we will get back to you via email

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